Tips for Teething – Baby Sound Asleep

Quite a few of my clients have hit a blip with teething so it seems an ideal time to write about it. To some degree teething is going to have some effect on sleep and day time mood. It is a painful and long process for both baby and parents! Sleeping issues are to be expected, it is not a time to get any sleep training underway.
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Abigail Coffin

“A friend recommended Abi to me as my 11m old son was waking 3-4 times overnight for feeds and I was exhausted. My daughter didn’t sleep through until she was almost 2 so I had v low expectations and assumed my children were poor sleepers and “unfixable”.

Abi made small changes to our daytime routine and within 1 night I was getting 5 hr stretches of sleep. Over the next month these improved, and every night at 3/4/5am when he woke, Abi was there texting me and virtually holding my hand when he cried. The nights can feel so long and lonely but having Abi respond made me feel less alone and so much more confident about following the programme.

This week, Abi encouraged me to drop his dream feed (something which I was too nervous to do before) and my son has slept 11 hours a night ever since. I am delighted, as is my husband.

I just wish I had met her sooner. Abi has helped us so much and her approach is very gentle, sensible and supportive.”

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