What You Need to Know about your Overtired Baby – Baby Sound Asleep

Baby Sound Asleep
Sleep is essential for the development and health of your little one and an overtired baby often doesn’t feed well. This can cause your family life to turn upside down as an overtired baby can be an almighty challenge for new parents  – or old hands – and it tends to look quite different from what you would expect. They might actually look more awake and hyperactive than usual, as they are overstimulated and not giving you the usual tired cues.
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Tips for Teething – Baby Sound Asleep

Quite a few of my clients have hit a blip with teething so it seems an ideal time to write about it. To some degree teething is going to have some effect on sleep and day time mood. It is a painful and long process for both baby and parents! Sleeping issues are to be expected, it is not a time to get any sleep training underway.
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