My Top 5 Baby Products (That Really Work!)

Gro Egg

With 3 children of my own, and experience with many other people’s offspring, I’ve had cause to try hundreds of baby products, all, or course, coming highly recommended. Very few have really impressed me, so I thought I would share my top 5, that I consider to be the cream of the crop and to be really effective in helping you or your baby.

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Claire Jayne Beard

“My little boy woke every 45 minutes until he was 8 months old – after 2 days of support and advice from Baby Sound Asleep he slept through the night, and has done so consistently for 2 years now! Before Abi came to help us we were both tired, grumpy and had no energy, but that changed almost immediately too! I have Abi to thank not only for my sanity but for my happy energetic little boy – I would (and have) recommend Baby Sound Asleep to anybody”

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