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Supporting families to get their child the sleep they need

About Me

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Abi Thompson

Sleep Consultant
Maternity Nurse
Mother of 4

My name is Abi Thompson and I am the MD of Baby Sound Asleep, a sleep consultancy for families.

Working for over 14 years in the childcare field and 11 years in maternity nursing and sleep consultancy.

I started my career with premature twins as a maternity nurse then worked around the North West and Yorkshire before taking contracts Nationwide.

Becoming a mother myself inspired me to pursue my passion to work with children, families and pregnant women.

Helping discuss the options available whilst allowing them to make their own informed choices.

I believe every family should feel empowered and my role is to support the family to realise their own capabilities…

My top tips on how to get little ones the sleep they need

Sleep Solution Packages

Full Support Package

  • A phone or e-mail consultation to discuss current routine and sleep issue.
    We will also discuss the possible options available to rectify the issues and we work together to come up with a manageable sleep solution strategy…
New mum


  • Consultation to discuss current routine, sleep issues and parameters for moving forward to improve the situation.
  • A comprehensive emailed sleep plan.
  • Daily email support for 6 weeks…

Residential Sleep Support Package

  • In person support in your home to implement the sleep plan.
  • Minimum of 3 x consecutive 24 hour period to be booked.
  • Follow up support…
100 +
Happy families
50 %

“I owe my life to Abi!! After 9 months of bad nights and hardly any day times nap I FINALLY managed a full nights sleep from my daughter! Abi has been there whenever I needed advice.”

Cheryl Norgate

“I dearly love my daughter, but after 4 weeks of feeding problems and virtually no sleep I was not only physically and emotionally broken, but also had difficulty bonding with my new arrival. After 1 night with her, Abi recognised the symptoms of silent reflux (where no midwife or health visitor had); by the 2nd night she was sleeping for 3 hours through the night; by week 8 she slept through the night with only 1 dream feed and now at 6 months she sleeps a full 12 hours undisturbed. Each time she has began waking through the night again, Abi has supported us in re-establishing her routine. I would recommend Abi not just for physical guidance but also for much needed emotional support and reassurance.”

Claire Jayne Beard

“My little boy woke every 45 minutes until he was 8 months old - after 2 days of support and advice from Baby Sound Asleep he slept through the night, and has done so consistently for 2 years now! Before Abi came to help us we were both tired, grumpy and had no energy, but that changed almost immediately too! I have Abi to thank not only for my sanity but for my happy energetic little boy - I would (and have) recommend Baby Sound Asleep to anybody”

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