Is your baby sleeping safely?

Baby Safe Sleeping Position

Many of you have been in touch after the recent halt of sales of baby sleep positioners by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA in order for your baby to sleep safely.

Firstly what I should make clear is The Lullaby Trust in the UK have never endorsed any products or changed their guidelines – their stance remains the same – no sleep positioners or nests just a clear, flat firm mattress.

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Baby Sound Asleep: Panorama’s ‘Sleepless Britain’

Sleepless Nights

BBC Panorama’s episode, Sleepless Britain, aired on 6 March 2017, was an interesting watch attracting varying opinions and reactions on social media.

All children from babies to teenagers (and even most adults!) thrive on having a routine and predictability around their sleeping patterns, but that routine isn’t the same for every family.  Routines can differ greatly and, ultimately, any routine you choose has to be based on whether it works for your family. Sadly, the addition of a bath, story and warm drink isn’t going to be the answer to most sleep issues!

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