Top 5 Mistakes New Parents Make With Their Baby Sleep Routine – Baby Sound Asleep

There is no ‘right’ way to help your baby to sleep soundly through the night, and every parent and child is different. Nevertheless, it’s always good to start off with a few key tips to help you make the right decisions about your approach and to use if ever you need to troubleshoot.

  1. Not Having a Clear Bedtime – This is something I am often asked, and it’s certainly the case that consistency is the best plan. I recommend a bedtime no later than 7pm-8pm for babies and small children. They should be settled, if not asleep for 12 hours, so do you best to provide a calm, dark environment.A hectic environment is not ideal for quality sleep. This will also give you a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep whilst baby sleeps next to you!
  2. Rushed Night Time Feeds – Don’t try to get away with quick feeds and rushed attention in the night – a little more time changing, winding and topping up the feed always pays off.
  3. Not Enough Daytime Napping – A consistent routine means sleep at regular intervals and an overtired baby won’t sleep easily or well. Sleep breeds sleep.
  4. Not Implementing Some Kind of Feeding Routine – with the exception of breastfed babies who often cluster feed to establish milk supply. A feeding routine for a formula fed baby is helpful, this will help you get out of the habit of snacking which can help in eliminating the reason for any crying. Having even a small amount of predictability as a general rule will help give you confidence.
  5. Trying to Do Bathtime Everynight – It’s hard work and it can make the last feed stressful. Young babies don’t need a bath every night, a top and tail wash, in a calm environment, maybe with a bit of a baby massage (I love potionshop products!), is just as good, and often better for a solid sleep. Even a proper bath just twice a week is plenty – the natural oils stay on the skin and their skin is often in better condition as a result.

Remember – Sleep breeds sleep! Once you have cracked it, minus the odd blip, you can rest easy (literally!), so keep calm and be confident in your decisions.

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