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Quite a few of my clients have hit a blip with teething so it seems an ideal time to write about it. To some degree teething is going to have some effect on sleep and day time mood. It is a painful and long process for both baby and parents! Sleeping issues are to be expected, it is not a time to get any sleep training underway.

Teething usually starts somewhere around 6 months old though some can be earlier and some much later. All the teeth have usually arrived by the child’s second birthday.

Tips for easing teething pain:

  • Amber teething anklet – these are used around the world as pain relief for teething children. Amber has a multitude of healing benefits such as reducing inflammation, boosts the immune system, and accelerates the healing of wounds. For teething specifically it reduces the angry inflamed red cheeks and stimulates the thyroid gland to reduce drooling. The teething anklet should contain a knot between each bead for safety.
  • Gels* – I personally use Nelson’s Teetha gel as natural alternative or anbesol for my own children.
  • Powders* – I’m a big fan of a natural route where possible so love Nelson’s teething powders
  • Teething toys – there are lots of teething toys on the market many of which you can out in the fridge. These are ideal for your child to chomp on to help ease the pain
  • Chewing – if you child is weaned then cooled vegetables such as carrot or cucumber are ideal to chew on. Avoid acidic fruits as you may find your child’s tummy is already upset. Dirty nappies are often increased and smell very acidic!
  • Should you child need extra help if they are really struggling then the correct dosage of paracetomol or ibuprofen can be used.

Once the teeth have finally arrived then it is important to start a good teeth cleaning routine. You need to start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they arrive. Use a soft baby brush and a good quality baby toothpaste. Brush their teeth in small circular motions.

Teething will come in waves throughout the first two years so use the tips as needed. They will soon be saying cheeesssseeeeeeee with their pearly whites.

*Read the recommended guidelines for age correct dosage for your child

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