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As a very experienced maternity nurse of twins and triplets I thought I would offer you my top tips and favourite products to help manage that first year. Having multiples can be daunting but it is a miracle and hopefully my top tips will help to make it even more special.

As it happens I am just finishing a sixteen week contract with triplets which I have absolutely loved. They were born at 34 weeks and have been comfortably not feeding through the night for a number of weeks already. They are lovely babies, a lovely family, who I am really going to miss!

Top Tips for Managing Multiples:

  • Accept help, as much as you can in all areas. An extra pair of hands at feeding, meals batch cooked in the freezer , a nappy changed or even someone making you a cup of tea is much needed and valued help. Accept everything you can!
  • Organisation – Be prepared… having more than one baby makes organisation essential. Always be one step ahead for feeds, bath, bedtime etc.
  • Routine – routine will help. Having some consistency and predictability to your day will boost your confidence massively.
  • Feeding –it is possible to feed 2 babies at the same time, though expect it to take some practise to feel confident enough to do this. Breastfeeding twins can be an art and a case of trial and error to find a comfortable position with the right number of pillows but it is possible. Many bottle-feeding parents often prefer to feed their twins at the same time to increase the amount of time they have not feeding a baby – a bouncy chair or v shaped pillows are ideal to assist you to do this.
  • Look after yourself – your body has had a tough pregnancy growing more than one little person! Take post natal vitamins, find time to eat well and sleep when you can.
  • Be realistic in your expectations – no big changes or decisions need to happen now, just concentrate on yourself and your babies…. No house moves, career thoughts etc. are necessary! The cleaning can wait and quick meals that are nutritious are all that is needed.
  • Get out and about – even just a walk round the block, once you feel up to it, will help to clear your head. It will also give you a huge sense of achievement. Things seem better with a clearer head.

My favourite multiple baby products:

  • City mini double pram – folds small and easily and is very manoeuvrable. Both babies are in the same position so can both see out.
  • V shaped pillow – a good prop for babies post feed to allow their milk to settle and also good to use for either breast or bottle feeding
  • Two bath supports to allow you to bath the babies together
  • Tiny Love super mat – a huge padded play mat that has more than enough room for 3 or more babies
  • A changing station –it is easy to avoid this with a single baby (though nice to have) but with twins it really is an asset to be able to having all your changing products within reach and a tall changing station so you spend less time bent over.
  • Skip Hop Duo double changing bag – a nice BIG changing bag with plenty of space for 2/3/4 times of everything you will need.
  • Bouncy chairs

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a few moments to remind yourself just how special your multiples are. It is hard work but seeing your babies starting to bond as young as 3 months old is really very moving. They will grow, learn, play, smile and laugh together!

If you would like more support managing your little ones, get in touch.

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