Jess Perkins

“So a whole year has passed since Ryker Roo came into this world. From the moment he arrived, his sleep has been terrible. Only in the later months has it seriously deteriorated. Not only was my little boy not sleeping, I was not sleeping. Ryker became frustrated and stressed, which caused him to be unhappy, whine, cry, bang his head, pull his hair and his ears. It was a nightmare. I had spoken to the health visitors, and tried their solutions, but they failed. I went to the doctors, and tried theirs too and they failed. My friends and family have given me tips and advice, but alas, they failed too. I had spent a lot of money on different sleep aids, pillows, sprays, sound machines etc, failed again. I was becoming more stressed and frustrated, as well as Ryker. I was at my wits end as no one could help me, nor was anything working.
Until the most amazing woman, contacted me and offered me her help. At this point I was willing to try anything and everything. We spoke and immediately wanted me to follow a new routine and sleep routine. I put this in to action the following day. I have been working with Abigail for a little over a week now, and I can honestly say it’s working. Ryker, for the first time in his life, slept through the night, last night!!!!! I got sleep! Ryker got sleep! I’m not saying this past week has been easy, because it hasn’t. And Ryker and I have both worked hard together to get him where he is at the moment. But I am loving the improvement in him. He has his character back, he’s smile and love back. It’s a turning point for us.
If there is anyone else out there, who needs help, I urge you to contact Abi. She really has been a god send to me, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for contacting me and offering her skills to me.  I can not thank her enough!

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