Baby Sensory Classes – Worth the trip?

At 12 weeks old I decided Georgie was ready for a little something extra in our week. I’m not a fan of a jam packed schedule of social arrangements for babies (or me actually ha!) as having an over stimulated baby is no fun but the baby sensory classes are something a little bit special.

An incredible amount of effort goes in to each themed class using lights, bubbles, touch, rattles, music and much more so the babies can sensory explore each theme. They definitely engage the baby’s senses throughout the activities!


Our group is structured really well – the first part is the main sensory class for roughly half of the time (25/30 minutes approx.). Followed by a 15-minute break in the sensory play area… a chance for babies to feed, parents to chat and babies to explore the play equipment. In the early days of our baby sensory adventure she was exhausted by the time we hit break time so took the chance for a wind down and feed so I tended to sit the play time out. They then end with a final activity and a cuddly goodbye song. At 7 months old Georgie is now managing the main class, play time in the break but is ready for a feed whilst we sing the goodbye song.


Baby Sensory has been fantastic for Georgie’s development and has given me lots of ideas of how to help her explore at home. It is amazing to see how much she has developed week to week. I have really enjoyed the time we get to spend together and learning lots of new ways to interact with my baby. I tend to leave each class with renewed enthusiasm for a new sensory experience at home!! So I am off to build a sensory tent in my living room!


We attend Bolton Baby Sensory Classes.

Sesnory Class

Making friends sensory



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